A journey spanning two decades and four continents brought me to Northern California and the start of a new adventure.

My love for all things leather, a fascination for the craft and the support and enthusiasm of my friends and family, led me to hone my skills. It took a few years, the luck to study with an Hermes trained artisan, many vexing hours and failed projects. And lastly the encouragement and inspiration of my first clients to allow an idea to grow into FANNY LEOB.

Every piece, handmade in the workshop on the shore of the San Francisco Bay, is infused with this story. Traditional European craftsmanship is paired with elements of Native American leather work.

The highest quality materials from around the world: Bull hides from a century-old tannery in France (supplier to the most prestigious heritage brands), Nappa lamb and American deerskin, the finest veg-tan calfskin from Italy. Threads of Irish linen and French twisted cotton.

Many pieces leaving the workshop are bespoke, custom made goods that have been developed with the client. That process has greatly influenced the development of a collection of “pret-a-porter” items, that you can find here.

Enjoy! Daniella Inbar